I could dazzle you with words but it all boils down to.................Just Listen
I stumbled onto this site and love the vibe, Im glad I did. Thanks everyone for making this a great site.

Aaron DeAguero

Pushing Forward

February 8th, 2013 + 7:02 PM  ·  Aarondeager

Ok so for this I used a pluggin vst called Crystal found free on KVR.  80% of all sounds heard are from this synth and the glitching in the bass line is from believe it or not running it through the fl studious grossbeat. lots of reverse echo work and delays. I spent two nights on this. I think its done. IDK............I kinda enjoy listening to this one more than some of my others.  it is what it is. I can make a million tracks so no sense on holding onto it tell its perfect cuz ill never get back to it.

Lonely Satellite

September 11th, 2012 + 2:09 AM  ·  Aarondeager

I was looking at a picture of sputnik and got a weird emotional felling that the poor hunk of orbiting metal was lonely and so I went with the feeling and here's what come of it. I listen to this while falling asleep in dream land, rob zombie somehow glitches in my playlist and I sometimes end up dreaming about racing in a car with a living dead girl. anyways, the sounds from this are sampled and scored in Reason 5 rewired to FL studio.


August 19th, 2012 + 9:08 PM  ·  Aarondeager


Winter Sun "This might make you EMO"

June 28th, 2012 + 7:06 AM  ·  Aarondeager

piano was recorded in anolog, I used to midi click notes in the playlist but its so square sounding, Its so wierd about this one, I was in a sad shape the day i did this, depressed and on a friends couch.  Im going through my old laptop and salvaging what I can before it crokes. dell Insperon 6000. I must say its the only laptop that has survived all my travels without fail. Ive replaced the screen 4 times however and have two spares just incase, I tell everybody that see's this poor thing its like an ugly girlfriend. It sure sucks a mean idck. who cares what it looks like. its not like me to say something like that but im just sayin.
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